1917 – 16mm 『チャップリンの勇敢』第2リール 米コダック社シネグラフ琥珀染色版

「16ミリ 劇映画」より

« Easy Street » (1917, Mutual Film Co., dir/Charles Chaplin)
Late 1920s Kodak Cinegraph 16mm Amber Tinted Print 2nd Reel



Charlie, a down-and-outer, wanders into Hope Mission where he is reformed, his first good act being to give back the collection plate which he had stolen. He then joins the police force and is assigned to Easy Street, the city’s worst section from which as a regular thing the policemen are brought home on stretchers. But in a characteristic manner he overcomes the ring leader of the ruffians and rescues and wins the beautiful mission worker who had reformed him. A regular Chaplin comedy of the kind everybody likes. Uproariously funny from end to end.

Descriptive Catalogue of Kodascope Library Motion Pictures (1st Edition, 1932)






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