ビーブ・ダニエルズ Bebe Daniels (1901 -1971) 米写真家ドナルド・キース氏撮影・旧蔵サインコレクション(6)


Bebe Daniels c1920 Inscribed Photo
Bebe Daniels c1920 Inscribed Photo


Bebe Daniels was born in Dallas, Texas, and educated in a Los Angeles convent school. Her stage career started when she played child parts in stock. Gradually her scope of work broadened and she played ingenue roles. For two years Miss Daniels played opposite Harold Lloyd in the famous Rolin-Pathe comedies. She joined the Famous Players ranks, making her debut in a dramatic role in « Male and Female. » She then was prominently cast in « Everywoman, » « The Dancin’ Fool, » and « Why Change Your Wife. » Her efforts and talents have been rewarded as she is now a star in Realart Pictures, for whom her first starring vehicle is « You Never Can Tell. » Miss Daniels is five feet four inches high, weighs a hundred and twenty-three pounds, and has black hair and eyes.

Who’s Who on the Screen (New York: Ross Publishing Co., 1920.)


Bebe Daniels in The Non-Stop Kid (1918)
Bebe Daniels in Why Change Your Wife (1920)
Bebe Daniels & Ricardo Cortez in The Maltese Falcon (1931)

Bebe Daniels

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合衆国 (テキサス州ダラス)


25.4 × 30.4 cm(カーボン製フレーム含)

エセル・クレイトン Ethel Clayton (1882 -1966) 米写真家ドナルド・キース氏撮影・旧蔵サインコレクション(3)


Ethel Clayton c1920 Inscribed Photo
Ethel Clayton c1920 Inscribed Photo


This popular Paramount star was born in Champaign, Ill., and educated in St. Elizabeth’s Convent, Chicago. Her initial venture in the theatrical world was as a featured player in stock after which she was prominently cast with Edwin Stevens in « The Devil. » She began her screen career with the old Lubin company. She has achieved her greatest success upon the screen with the Famous Players company in « Pettigrew’s Girl, » « Maggie Pepper, » « Men, Women and Money, » « More Deadly than the Male » the film version of Lupert Hughes’ splendid story « The Thirteenth Commandment, » and « A Lady in Love. » Miss Clayton is five feet five inches in height and weighs a hundred and thirty pounds. She has red gold hair and gray eyes and is very fond of all outdoor sports.

Who’s Who on the Screen (New York: Ross Publishing Co., 1920.)

Ethel Clayton In lightnin'


エセル・クレイトンは当時勢いのあったルービン社(Lubin Manufacturing Compan)の花形女優でした。主演作は幾つか日本でも公開されており愛好家には知られていたようです。初期作品では1913年の『大地が揺れるとき』(When the Earth Trembled)が現存。1906年のサンフランシスコ大地震(M7.8)が物語に絡んでおり、ニュースリール映像も含まれていました。


Ethel Clayton

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ドナルド・キース(Donald Biddle Keyes)

33.2 × 40.5 cm(カーボン製フレーム含)